Photo de la photographe de mariage Sophie Asselin en plein travail.
Photo de Sophie Asselin et son amoureux.

We are dedicated, sensitive and passionate beings. We are also lovers of life. We are those who believe that beauty is in simplicity... just as we love to contemplate sunsets over wheat fields, the fresh morning air wafting through our nostrils, good comfort food (sushi is preferred here), the smell of flowers, birdsong and spending quality time with family (because family is precious).

Planning the biggest day of your life with the person you love most in the world... it's crazy isn't it! You are here because you have a unique story to tell. You're here because you're looking for a photographic experience (because there's more to it than just pressing the shutter button on the camera). You are looking for the most talented and experienced photographer who will understand you, listen to you and translate your authenticity into images.

I raise my hand high ;)

I have been dedicated to my art for over a decade now, always looking for new challenges and improvement. What matters most to me is that my work has an impact on your lives. I seek to give meaning and value to my craft as a wedding photographer; to provide you with timeless and priceless images that capture candid moments and small, often forgotten details of your big day that you can cherish for a lifetime.

We have many points in common, you and I.

Portrait de la photographe de mariage Sophie Asselin.


Using my graphic design skills, I've recently put together a comprehensive guide to my rates, my work and who I am as a photographer.

I invite you to download this guide to read on and get to know me better as a wedding photographer.

Sophie Asselin photographe de mariage

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Sophie Asselin photographe de mariage

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