Un couple de nouveaux mariés au belvédère de Westmount, Montréal. Mariage de luxe. Photographie fine art.
La mariée descend les marches dans sa belle robe et ses belles chaussures.

Together, let's create the best kind of art - the kind that freezes the perfect moment in time, and allows for that moment to live with us forever.

Your love story is unique and deserves to be told with honesty and sensitivity; I will be the narrator through luminous and evocative photographs that will portray your authenticity.

— Kind words

La mariée qui marche sous la pluie dans sa belle robe de mariage. Photo prise par Sophie Asselin photographe de mariage basée à Montréal.
Cinq étoiles, meilleure photographe de mariage, Sophie Asselin.

"Sophie, we are so pleased with our experience and your photography service. Your professionalism and kindness are beyond reproach. Obviously wedding photography is more than just a livelihood for you... it's a real passion.

Our photos are absolutely sublime, we have been looking at them non-stop since we received them. Thank you Sophie for capturing the best day of our lives!"


Catherine & Mathieu


Fleur dessinée à la main par l'artiste Sophie Asselin

— It's a fact —

Since 2010, more than 300 couples have trusted my skills as a wedding photographer to photograph the most important day of their lives.

— Portfolio

A timeless image, whether aesthetically successful or technically flawed, should not only capture a feeling, it should also provoke one.

Timeless Memories

From Moments

Worth Saving


Real love story

Justine & Alexis'
Intimate Wedding

(French version)

Les mariés s'embrassent en marchant au Vieux Montréal. Mariage chic et élégant.

Sophie & Nicholas - Old Montreal









Portrait de la mariée dans sa belle robe blanche. Mariage.
Deux amoureux nouvellement mariés main dans la main. Mariage Vieux Montréal.
La robe de la mariée suspendue à une garde-robe. Mariage élégant.
Chaussures élégante de la mariée de marque Jimmy Choo.
La mariée lit ses voeux de mariage et elle est émotive.

— Just so you know

Let me let you in on a secret: the images that have the most emotional value are the ones in which you were photographed without being noticed. So smile harder, laugh harder, hug harder, love and party longer. Celebrate this unique experience with your loved ones.


Le père de la mariée embrasse sa fille dans le cadre de porte de l'église lors de la cérémonie de mariage.

Stephanie & her father - Montreal

Une mariée enfile ses chaussures de mariage vêtue de sa robe de princesse. Mariage élégant.

This photograph is part of my most favorite

— My goal —


I'm Sophie, a wedding photographer who thrive for unique love stories. I've been dedicated for my art for more than 13 years now. I've photographed more than 300 weddings so far. Can't believe it! Time flies too fast...

Being a wedding photographer is a privilege. You open the door of your privacy and welcome me with open arms as if we were already friends. I share your joy with you, I laugh and sometimes, I cry. Each time the greatness of your love fills me with wonder. I promise to approach every moment with the utmost care and attention to detail, to ensure that your memories are captured in a way that reflects your authenticity.

My biggest goal is this: to be a part of the success of your big day. I want to make a difference and leave you with the best memory of the whole experience. I also want to give you everything I have to make you the happiest bride and groom in the world. When I close my car door at the end of the day, it is with a smile and the pride of having surpassed your expectations.


— Kind words

Portrait de la mariée dans sa robe de princesse ou un beau soleil. Elle tient un bouquet de mariage.
Les mariés marchent main dans la main à Montréal. Mariage romantique.
Les mariés s'embrassent. Mariage rustique en automne.